Imagine a copywriter who...

authentic copywriting
for B2C brands

Look no further.

(AKA ...I produce buyers over browsers.)

I got you.

I’m a dog-mom, mac & cheese enthusiast, and copywriter obsessed with authenticity. 

And I don’t mean the kind of authenticity that’s become such a buzzword these days. 

I mean the kind of genuine authenticity you need to connect with your ideal clients. 

I'm here to help get you the perfect blend of compelling, pristine words to boost sales, blow up leads, and create an irresistible brand.

My 7-figure clients say it all.

So does my 40% average open-rate.

(Sometimes I wonder why I even wrote the rest of this website. 😉 )

“Amanda has been a true asset to our team. Her copywriting skills are well-thought, inspirational, engaging, and unique. She has assisted us in developing and strengthening our brand voice across social platforms and writing meaningful copy that resonates with our community. We’re so happy to have her on the team!”
Aysel Gunar
CEO, MantraBand
“Amanda is an incredibly hard worker, great communicator, and strong writer. Amanda’s ability to understand what we needed and deliver in a timely manner speaks to her competency as a writer. She put her whole heart into everything she wrote and I would recommend her writing to anyone.”
Sasha Aronzon
CEO, Self Care is for Everyone
Amanda has been such a seamless addition to our team. Although we are a remote company, her responsiveness and professionalism are top-notch. The entire team is thrilled to have Amanda. From day one it’s been a complete pleasure.
Lyndie Benson
CEO & COO, Bleusalt

You'll be...

I'll be...

I help high-profile clients grow their brands & sales each year.

Are you ready to be next?

Cool, Amanda.

How do you actually make it happen?


"OMG, I can't wait to read that email!" - Said no one, ever.

...except your subscribers.

Wanna get in on this action? Effective, high open-rate, high click-through rate emails keep your leads engaged and soaking up every word.

Your people are letting you into their virtual living room. Don't show up empty-handed.


Product descriptions are the ultimate conversion-driver.

Your website is your virtual business card, and your products, the value you offer to your audience. But let's be honest, neither matter without sales.

Am I right?

You need authentic, conversion-based copy that shows your audience your company values how their products benefit a real human.


There are two main reasons copywriters exist:

#1. To make your life easier. #2. To sell your stuff.

Okay, there are lots more, but selling your stuff truly is my job. And I take it seriously.

There's no room in your world for salesy, old school tactics. Get yourself some drool-worthy, Visa-in-hand, conversion-driven copy that sells 24/7 minus the sleaze.

How am I different?

You get a trained (and trained and trained and trained) professional.

You deserve someone on your team who puts as much into your work as you do. I don't write and cross my fingers after you pay your invoice. I annually invest thousands of hours + dollars into training and support so I can bring you results, every time.

I'm obsessive about authentic copy.

Your work won't sound like Sherry Smith from Copywriters 'R Us wrote it. I bring the two A's to every piece of copy I write: authenticity and authority.

I don't deliver anything less than per-fec-tion.

Your copy includes edits and ears open to feedback so that we can reach your vision to a T before hitting the publish button.

You'll actually enjoy the process.

Copywriting should be a fun, collaborative, exciting effort with sparkling results in the future. Not a stressful, where's-what-I-paid-for, can-you-meet-the-deadline, hair-pulling, mismatched effort. We'll build a relationship and maintain a stress-free process while I get the creative juices flowing and you get copy beyond your wildest dreams.

Ask yourself ...what's my end game?

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